Connecting to Clients on your Website

Your website is the most important visual representation of your business on the Internet. You have only 10 seconds to either attract, or repel anyone that lands on your website. 10 seconds! The truth is, people search long and hard before making their final decision on which photographer to hire. This is why your website needs to stand out from the crowd and showcase who you are and what makes YOUR business the best choice for them. Here are some key things to consider when trying to connect to your ideal clients on your website.


Pick a handful of strong images that represent your brand and have them as your landing images on your homepage. Share what you want to shoot! I REPEAT: SHARE WHAT YOU WANT TO SHOOT. Make sure these images align with the kinds of images you want to your clients to have.


Make sure your copy represents your brand and speaks in a way that attracts your ideal clients. If you don’t know who your ideal clients are, then you need to exit out of this blog post and figure that out ASAP. Do they love to adventure? Are they working professionals? Do they belong to country clubs? All of these things will determine how to speak to your ideal clients. Once you know who they are, create copy that speaks directly to them.


Make sure your website has multiple ways for visitors to navigate to your contact page. One mistake I see time and time again is having only one way for people to get in touch with you via the Contact button in the navigation menu. Make it easy for people to reach out when they feel called to. By adding more “calls to action” through out your site, you’re making the user experience seamless. Another tip is to have a direct contact link through your social media channels as well.


This is the best and easiest way to connect instantly with your ideal clients. Make sure people see your face. Choose a photo of you looking directly at the camera. This will make viewers feel more connected to you, like they already know you! This goes for social media as well. Make sure someone who finds you on Instagram doesn’t have to dig deep to find out what you look like. Like it or not, your clients what to know you as a person, not just you as the girl behind the scenes of some pretty photos. Having a connection with you and trusting that you’ll take care of them is the first step in landing your ideal clients.


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