GOOD COMPANY CONSULTING Any company with a tag line like Good Company’s is a company I want to do Branding photography for! See for yourself: “HELPING PEOPLE CREATE WORKPLACES THAT DON’T SUCK” I mean, seriously… Does it get any better than that? When the powerhouse, keynote speakers behind Good Company Consulting were in need of […]


We love a good client spot light at MDP and this personal branding shoot with Beth Nordaune, founder and CEO of the Enclave Team, is a perfect example of badass bossery at it’s finest. To say that Beth is an expert in real estate is an understatement. Using her knowledge gained from the past two […]


Camille Bourgerie is an artist and surface pattern designer based in Denver, Colorado. With the launch of a new collection, she realized the need for some distinguished personal branding photos to help portray her work. Through careful planning and strategic preparation, we created a beautiful collection of images that speak to the beauty of her […]


There’s nothing more special than welcoming your baby into the world. Newborn sessions are the perfect way to celebrate the growth of your family by preserving this stage of life for years to come. It’s so important to know how to prepare for your newborn session ahead of time, so that you and your little one will have the best session possible.


Have been wondering when to update your headshots? Maybe it’s been years since you’ve had them done or you’re taking on a new venture. No matter the reason, here are a few notable signs that say it’s time to update your current headshots with new ones. . .

Headshot of a young woman.


The Baby Plan is a series of sessions to document your little babe’s milestones throughout their entire first year of life. This includes a newborn session, a six-month session and finally, a session to celebrate their first birthday!

baby wearing a fur hat shot by meghan doll photography


Your brand is such a huge piece of your business. Capturing who you are and what your brand represents is the main goal of your branding session! Today, I’m sharing all about personal branding sessions so that you can feel completely prepared for what to expect.

Branding photo of two women working together


Knowing what to expect during your maternity session can take a lot of the pressure off of planning for your portraits. It’s my hope that with this little bit of advice, you feel more confident going into your session the day of.

Pregnant woman holding belly, laughing


The Baby Plan is your baby’s first year of sessions – newborn, six month, and one year. Not only will you get lots of solo photos of your sweet little one growing up, but you’ll get plenty of family photos along the way. It really is the perfect way to capture this new and exciting moment in your life.

Photo of 1 year old baby boy playing with blocks


At sixteen, my Grandfather put a camera in my hands. He taught me the basics and entrusted me with his darkroom. Grandad nurtured my talent with care and constructive criticism, leading me to a career that I love. 

My work reflects love. I first witnessed that love while shooting weddings, where my career began. I have grown and expanded like those couples and transitioned into focusing on family portraiture and personal branding. I now capture a love that has matured... the tender maternity, newborn, or family and the self-love and confidence of the entrepreneur.

Life is not picture-perfect, but I strive to create images that will anchor you in hard times and remind you of the love and strength you have in your heart, that love that drives you every day. 

lover of tea, the mountains, and spontaneious dance parties


I’m Meghan