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Your business should allow you to live the life of your dreams, not exhaust you to the point of  no return for little to no reward. If you're ready to re-imagine what your business can be, then welcome. I'm so glad you're here. 

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jenni m.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, and make way more money, Meghan is your answer. 


danielle b.

This Guide is amazing and full of details, tips, and explanations about her entire workflow.  I would recommend it to anyone who feels like they get stuck with posing or just needs a refresher on the poses that will set you up for success. The cheat sheet is a must-have! 

I can’t say enough good things!

theresa b.

Meghan is the real deal. She shares everything. So glad I bought this!  If there is one guide to buy for newborn photography, it's this one. There's an ocean of information here and all you need to help you fine tune your newborn photography business.  

This guide is worth every penny. 

Stefani d.

From a business standpoint, Meghan takes the fear out of selling. She shows us that by selling wall art we're really helping the client, not just our bottom line.


It might feel like the key to selling is written in a secret language - but I'm here to tell you than landing big sales is easier than you think! Check out my quick and easy guide to making more money at your very next session.

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