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As a professional family photographer in the Twin Cities, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless heartwarming moments. Among these, capturing the growth of families and the unique bond between a newborn and sibling holds a special place in my heart. Case in point, the Blitzer family! The Beauty of Unpredictability Newborn & Sibling One […]


Welcome, Mamas! We are absolutely thrilled to have you join us for this special Mother’s Day occasion, where we will capture cherished moments that you and your little ones will talk about for years to come. This isn’t just a photoshoot; it’s a celebration of the love and bond that you share with all the […]

What to wear for your Mother's Day Mini Session


Looking for the perfect dresses to show off that beautiful bump of yours?! Take a look at this collection of neutral, pink, and black dresses that are sure to compliment you during your session. Neutral Maternity Dresses Opting for neutral maternity dresses during your maternity session offers timeless elegance and versatility, allowing the focus to […]

Maternity Dresses for women


Incorporating Your Workspace for Company Headshot Sessions Professional headshots are a vital tool for establishing credibility, making connections, and leaving a lasting impression. While traditional studio headshots serve their purpose, environmental location headshots offer a unique opportunity to showcase your team’s brand within your workspace or industry setting. Let’s explore the art of environmental headshots […]

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Spring is such a magical time for us photographers, especially when it comes to capturing the innocence and joy of little ones in their light attire. I’m always excited to see the latest spring fashion trends and see how we can incorporate those pretty pastels into your little ones next photoshoot. There’s something truly special […]


AI Generated Headshot of Meghan vs. The Real Authentic Meghan


At sixteen, my Grandfather put a camera in my hands. He taught me the basics and entrusted me with his darkroom. Grandad nurtured my talent with care and constructive criticism, leading me to a career that I love. 

My work reflects love. I first witnessed that love while shooting weddings, where my career began. I have grown and expanded like those couples and transitioned into focusing on family portraiture and personal branding. I now capture a love that has matured... the tender maternity, newborn, or family and the self-love and confidence of the entrepreneur.

Life is not picture-perfect, but I strive to create images that will anchor you in hard times and remind you of the love and strength you have in your heart, that love that drives you every day. 

lover of tea, the mountains, and spontaneious dance parties


I’m Meghan