The Home Installation Process

Ever see photos of beautiful gallery walls and think, that’s great…. but how could I ever get that in MY home?! I’m here to tell you that the process of installing artwork in your home is easier than you think.

From the time you first reach out to schedule a session to when the nails are going in your wall, I’m with you making sure you’re getting photos you’ll cherish forever. By breaking it down into three easy steps, you’ll see that the home decor of your dreams is totally attainable, and that the process can actually be… FUN!

Pre-shoot Planning

One of the first steps of any shoot is the planning call! This is your chance to not only ask questions, but to hear my tried-and-true tips for getting photos you love. This is where we can go over your expectations for the shoot – whole family shots, or just the kids? Candid or posed? – and plan your wardrobe. Remember: if you’re purchasing framed prints, you want the photos to stand the test of time. 


After we chat, it’s time for you to do a little home inspection. Walk through your house and see which spaces jump out to you as needing some artwork, and then break it down further: does this room need one great frame? Is there a reeeaally big space where a gallery wall would be perfect? Is the vibe of this room formal or casual? What colors would look great in this space?

Coming to your session with these answers in mind will help us choose the right wardrobe, background, and poses for your photos.


Technology is a wonderful thing, and one of the best bits of technology I use in the studio is for framing. When you leave your session, you’ll get a homework guide with instructions on how to take photos of your walls; I then use those photos to show you exactly how different frames will look in your home, so you can compare styles, sizes, and colors and see what will work best. Pretty neat, huh?



Even with all the prep work, I understand that not everyone will come to their ordering appointment knowing what they want – and that’s okay! I’m here to offer my expert opinion and help fill in the gaps. I can help you get the perfect combination of prints, frames, and mattes that will look great in your room. Plus, I know my framing catalogue like the back of my hand and am always ready to find the frame that fits your unique style!


You know that saying: good things take time! That’s true with custom framing, too. Depending on order size and time of year, it can take anywhere from 5 to 7 weeks for your frames to be ready. If the wait seems long, just remember that it’s nothing compared to having your artwork for a lifetime! 



Once everything is ready, we’ll schedule a date for your installation, and you’ll finally get to see everything come together. This is something I love to do myself, because it gives me a final chance to make sure everything is 100% perfect!

With the help of a calculator and a level, I’m there in your home to make sure your frames are positioned exactly how we planned and that everything is straight.

See how easy getting your frames is? Clients are always amazed at the end of the process – what feels like a daunting task is actually as easy as planning, ordering, and hanging.

If you’ve been putting off getting the frames of your dreams because you weren’t sure what the process was, I hope this simple checklist has put your mind at ease. Every home can be filled with beautiful Heart Art!


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