Holiday Photos: What to Wear

Fall may have just started, but this is the time of year when a lot of families are taking pictures with holiday cards in mind. 

And with mini session booking underway (get more info on those HERE!), I thought it was time to share some tips for what colors, styles, and accessories look great for family photos this season. Keep reading for all the details!

Keep it Simple

Keeping in line with this year’s holiday mini session theme, it only seems right to share tips for black & white photos. Black and white is modern, classic, and always in style – and it’s also really easy to get the whole family to match!

Keep in mind that dark colors will be the most interesting, as they provide contrast when we go from color to b&w. This is also a chance to let different patterns and textures take center stage without having to worry about matching colors.


Seasonal Accessories


Even if your session will be indoors (and let’s face it, heading outside in a Minnesota winter isn’t always the funnest thing to do!), winter accessories can still make an appearance in your photos.

Boots, hats, and scarves can add interest to studio shots and can give the appearance of outfit changes without actually having to change your clothes. Plus… how cute is a baby in a beanie?!

Be Merry!

When else can you get photos of the kids in Santa hats, or wear that super-sparkly dress? Whether you just love the holiday season or are planning to use fun photos for cards, this is your chance to get a little silly. Embrace the spirit with themed outfits or props – but don’t worry, we’ll have time for an outfit change or two if you still want classic photos, too! Bright red and plaid patterns are pretty standard this time of year, and they’re always a welcomed classic.


Wardrobe Color Combos


Cool Neutrals

If you want your family photos to be a little less Christmas and a little more timeless, then you can’t go wrong with simple neutrals. Greys, whites, and metallics work any time of year, and you can make a neutral palette visually interesting with different textures and knits. 

Warm Winter

It’s only natural to be drawn towards crisp greys and blues this time of year, but bringing in warm pinks and browns is a great way to cozy up your photos. If you’re rosy-cheeked from your time outside, warm colors will bring out your natural glow and make your faces shine, too!



Crisp Whites

Black & white are two shades that will never go out of style! All-white outfits make a bold statement and can instantly give you a dressy, formal feel; all black will help your faces shine bright and be the star of the show. Both options are great for framed photos, too, because it will be easy to match to your home style and the photos will fit in with any season!

Feeling ready for all that winter will bring? It can be one of the craziest times of year for so many of us, but your family photo outfits is one thing I hope you won’t have to worry about!