What to Wear: Spring Photos

To celebrate spring, we’re sharing some outfit inspiration to get you all ready for your next photo session. Keep reading to see what looks great in that warm springtime light!

Shades of Blue

Looking back through the thousands of sessions I’ve had, it’s clear that blue is the MOST popular color for spring photos! Like white, blue can often act as a neutral color, matching everything and looking great with any skin tone. In the warmer months, pastel and baby blue photograph beautifully, and it’s easy to bring in whites and grays to round out everyone’s wardrobes (plus, a classic pair of blue jeans are the easiest place to start when building your wardrobe for family photos!)

Pastels & Denim

Pastels of every color and denim are the perfect answer this time of year. It’s a great way to keep things casual and fun, and you can even let the kids pick their own outfits without worry that things won’t match! By going for lighter colors, it’s easy to have fun with your accessories or shoes, and you can introduce some patterns and textures. Plus, when paired with the airy, white studio, the resulting photos will be perfect for hanging in a frame!

What to wear.jpg




Spring and florals go hand-in-hand, and no matter how trends change, this is one look that will always be in style! Just remember that, for family photos, everyone’s look has to blend together, so patterns should be reserved to one or two people. A good tip is to pick a flower-filled look for Mom or baby girl, and then use the colors in that pattern to dress everyone else.


Classic, coastal colors and patterns are perfect for anytime of year, but spring especially. Think, navy blues and white denim paired with a cute pair of espadrilles or slides. This look is all about keeping things simple and timeless, so keep colors and patterns to a minimum to make sure your faces shine. If your family tends to be dressier and you’re a fan of business casual, then go a little preppy for your photos!



Feeling inspired? When it comes to spring photos, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. I can’t wait see what you wear for YOUR next session!