Welcoming Sweet Newborn Girl H

You never know how little ones will react to having a brand new sibling – will they be happy? Confused? Annoyed? The reality is, they’ll probably feel a little bit of everything, which is why I am SO thrilled whenever big siblings come to their newborn sessions full of excitement and big smiles!

These twins really blew everyone away with how sweet and gentle they were with their new baby sister. Capturing a family of five is usually tough stuff, but this family made it a breeze! Baby girl slept peacefully throughout the whole thing, too, so we were able to get aaaall the snuggle shots. Mom & Dad used photos from this session – their first as a family of FIVE! – to start a new gallery wall that has plenty of room to grow. I’m sure we’ll see more of this family in the future!

Mattson 1.jpg

Mattson2 .jpg