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Capturing More Than Just Faces in Business Headshots In the world of business, first impressions are everything. Whether you’re wooing potential clients, partners, or investors, the image you present matters—a lot. That’s why many companies invest time and resources into arranging sleek and professional headshots for their team members. But what if I told you […]


So, you’re ready to start that dream business of yours and you need some direction on how to present yourself. Your in the right place! A visually appealing website is crucial for any new business looking to make its mark online. One of the key elements that can significantly enhance the appeal and effectiveness of […]


In the world of professional branding photography, every session is a unique opportunity to transform a business’s identity into a visual masterpiece. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with MacKenzie Kampa, a dedicated professional, to bring her business vision to life through a branding session that perfectly encapsulated her approachable yet professional essence. As […]

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As a professional headshot photographer, I’ve had the privilege of capturing countless individuals’ company and branding portraits through compelling images. Today, I want to share some valuable insights on a topic that often arises during headshot sessions: what to wear. Your choice of attire plays a crucial role in conveying the right message to your […]

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In today’s digital age, personal branding has become increasingly important for individuals across various industries. One powerful tool in crafting an impactful personal brand is portrait photography. A well-executed portrait can convey professionalism, confidence, and authenticity, making it an essential asset for personal branding and professional networking. In this post, we will explore the strategies […]

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Welcome to the polished world of Marnie Lindsay, where her beautiful home and workspace come to life through stunning branding photography. Let’s dive into Marnie’s personalized branding session, exploring the meticulous planning process, the incorporation of on-brand colors, the hair and makeup services that added an extra touch of glamour, and the wardrobe choices that […]

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