What to Expect: 6 Month Sessions

It’s no secret that I LOVE shooting baby sessions, but lately, I’ve come to realize just how near and dear to my heart 6 month sessions are! A lot of people think that the most important milestones to capture are newborn and one year, but this in-between age is especially sweet in so many ways.

Since I’ve had a few of these little cuties in the studio lately, I thought it would be a great time to share what you can expect from your baby’s six month session, alongside some snaps from a recent shoot that was FULL of fun.

If you’ve ever wondered if this mid-year session is worth it, keep scrolling to see squishy and delicious important licious it is to record all these special moments in baby’s life!



What to Wear

Picking your clothes can feel like the hardest part, but luckily for you, baby is still the star! That means family members should just stick to one classic look for themselves.

For the 6 month old, plan on three outfits – one dressier look to go with family photos, and two other looks that are fun, playful, and easy to move around in. You can even do something themed with the season, like how this family put baby in a pool-ready swimsuit. And don’t forget, this is our last age to capture naked baby shots – but that wardrobe is pretty easy!


6 Month Milestones

There is so much joy to be had between the newborn weeks and baby turning one! At this age, baby will be full of smiles and you’ll know just what to do to make them laugh. 6 month olds love showing off the tricks they’ve learned, like reaching for their toes or perfecting tummy time. They can even sit up on their own!

We’ll use this session as a chance to capture baby’s first signs of independence and the beginnings of their unique personality. If there’s a certain toy or blanket they’re really connecting with at this age, it can be fun to incorporate that memory into your session, too.


On the Move

Though baby won’t be running circles around you just yet, six month sessions still move pretty quick. While six month photos are fast-moving they may contain breaks to make sure baby stays happy. It’s important to bring enough food for them, just in case!

We’ll set a good pace and go through several studio settings, from classic family poses by the windows to lifestyle snuggles on the bed!

Every moment in your child’s life is special, but once that first year is gone, there’s nothing quite like it! Newborns sessions are sweet and serene, and one year sessions are full of energy and celebration…

but at six months old, you can really see your little One’s Personality start to take Shape.

It’s a precious time and, as you can tell from these photos, deserves to be captured!