Personal Branding Photography Sessions

Your brand is such a huge piece of your business. Capturing who you are and what your brand represents is the main goal of any personal branding photography session. Today, I’m sharing all about the process at MDP for personal branding sessions so that you can feel completely prepared for what to expect.

Phase 1: the Kick-off Consultation

The key to a successful brand photography shoot is intentional planning. During the initial consultation call, we will get a clear vision of your business needs that will lay the groundwork of the shoot we create. After this call, we’ll create a collaborative Pinterest board that will help us nail down the look style and feel for your shoot. Some things to start thinking about in this phase are:

Personal Branding photos of the found of Nosh & Gather.

The Aesthetic of Your Brand

In a personal branding photography session, I want to capture your brand in an authentic and recognizable way. What are your brand colors? Does your brand have a vibe? What do you want to convey to clients/customers with these branding photos? Having an answer to these questions will lead us in the right direction!

Your Personal Style (aka Wardrobe!)

Deciding what to wear during your branding session should be carefully considered to best represent your business. Depending on the session, we can shoot for a number of fun looks for your branding shoot: lounge, work-from-home, business-casual, professional, or whatever the vibe needs to be!

Collage of personal branding photos

Phase 2: Pre-Shoot Strategy Call

Once we’ve had some time to lock in the vision for the shoot, the next step in the process is to hop on a pre-shoot strategy call to hammer out all of the ideas, props, wardrobe questions, etc. We’ll also discuss any upcoming events, launches, and any other needs of your business so that we can have a plan in place for your session.

Phase 3: the Personal Branding Photography Session

And now for the fun part! The moment we’ve been waiting for…Shoot day!

Pamper Yourself Before the Shoot

Hair and makeup is not included in all of the packages, but it is highly recommended! You want to look your very best for these branding portraits. I recommend getting plenty of rest before the session, having your hair cut or colored one week in advance, and getting your nails done.

If looking sun-kissed is your thing, I suggest hiring a professional spray tanner instead of trying to use a self-tanner, these are easier to botch and you don’t want to take a risk not feeling your best!

Get Good Rest

This seems like a silly thing to mention, but you want to make sure you get a good nights sleep before your branding shoot. As the face of your brand, you want to make sure you look refreshed and ready for all the work you’re about to receive!

Relax and Be Yourself

I completely understand that it’s not always easy to be in front of the camera but trust me when i say, I will make SURE you will look amazing. All you need to do is show up and be yourself.

Phase 4: the Delivery

That’s a wrap! About 2-4 weeks after your shoot your images will be delivered to you electronically in all of their beautiful glory! Every image will be fully enhanced to reflect your best self and you will be able to use your images in any way you see fit.

I hope this helped you learn all about professional branding sessions. They are so valuable in establishing a strong, professional presence for your brand. My strategy for brand photography ensures that I am capturing you and your brand as authentically as possible and in a way that you love! I can’t wait to work with you!