senior sessions: what to expect

Even if your kids are learning from home this fall, it’s still back-to-school season, which means it’s also time to book your Senior Photos!

What I love about working with seniors is that no two sessions will ever be the same; with teens it’s all about letting their unique personalities and interests shine through in photos. With lots of wardrobe and location changes, their photos will really represent who they are.

Your teen’s session will be casual, fun, and easy – and it’s my goal to make even shy kids come out of their shell and be the shining star of the session! Today, I’m going to walk you through just a few of the many options we have for high school seniors. Enjoy!

First up for your Senior Session will be shots around the studio! This client was pretty set on outdoor photos, but I always like to include some indoor shots for variety – and she ended up loving the results! One of the best things about Senior sessions is that they’re fast-paced. From changing the setting to swapping outfits, we’re always on the move. You’d be amazed at how many different photo styles we can squeeze into an hour!



Sometimes schools (or Mom and Dad!) will have requirements for wardrobe, backdrop, or even size for senior photos. There’s plenty of ways to make your pictures formal, like using this dark backdrop and opting for a classic headshot pose.

But once the fancier photos are out of the way, it’s time to let your senior be themselves! I always encourage seniors to incorporate their unique interests and hobbies into their sessions. Popular options include sports gear and instruments, but the sky’s the limit.

For the session shown here, we headed outside to capture his #1 passion: skateboarding. Though action shots like this may not be what’s chosen for the yearbook, it’s still important to record memories of your teen doing what they loved most at this time in their lives!

When it comes to locations outside of the studio, the North Loop neighborhood really is the perfect landing place! We’re located in the heart of the warehouse district, which is full of unique urban scenery, city views, and historic brickwork.


Hop in the car and drive for ten minutes and you’re surrounded by the lush flower gardens near Lake Harriet, or head north to Boom Island for riverside park views.


Our senior photos offer more flexibility that your average family session, so you don’t have to decide on one location!


In my experience, teens either love or hate having their photos taken, so it’s my goal to make these sessions as fun possible. We keep things light, fast, and free – going with the flow is essential! And these sessions aren’t just about the photos; this is also a great chance to make some memories with your child before the college years. So, when it’s their turn for Senior Photos, just relax, have fun, and enjoy the moment with them!