The Newborn Prop Guide

Feeling unsure what props to use for your upcoming newborn session? No worries, I’ve compiled a list of newborn photography essentials into the newborn prop guide!

As much as I love Pinterest, it can be overwhelming – especially when you’re planning a newborn session. With tens of thousands of photos to reference, how do you know what YOU want? Big bows or small flowers? Colorful blankets or neutral wraps? There are a lot of options out there!




I’ve been in the newborn photography game for a long time, so I’ve seen many styles come and go. Today, I’m sharing the classic, timeless props that work great for just about every session. If you’ve ever wondered exactly what I have on hand in the studio, keep reading for all the details!






Call me crazy, but there’s no photo sweeter than baby all wrapped up and tucked into a basket! I know, I know…it’s a total cliche. But trust me when I say, it will melt your heart. There’s such a small window of time where your newborn will be small enough for this shot, so I always make sure to include it. While I realize it’s not for everyone, I’ve got a great wall of baskets and have something to fit every style – from modern gold wire to a dark grey weave.

Baskets also give me a chance to shoot details like fingers and toes, so it makes them pretty essential!






If you love texture like I do, then you’ll adore all of the blankets we have on hand at the studio. My blanket collection is just how it should be…neutral and cozy! So the combinations are endless.

Wraps, Hats, Headbands, and More!

As you can image, I’ve spent years curating all the sweet little bits and pieces you see around the studio, from the big pieces of furniture right down to the tiniest headbands!




Just like with baskets, I’ve got clothing and headwear for EVERY style. If you’re not sure what you like best, there’s always plenty of time during newborn sessions to try out different color or style combinations.


When you book a newborn session, we’ll chat beforehand to get an idea of the colors and textures you love. It can be overwhelming to open a drawer and see hundreds of hats and bloomers, so before you arrive for your appointment, I’ll pull out pieces that I think will work great with your vision.





Even though the studio is fully-stocked, sometimes you want to include something uniquely you in your session!




It can be a cute onesie, an heirloom toy like this giant teddy bear, a special handmade blanket, or something that matches your nursery theme (especially if you’re planning on incorporating framed photos into your nursery decor).

If your baby is born in the winter, it can be fun to bring in a seasonal outfit, which always makes for great holiday cards!

At the end of the day, the most important part of your newborn session is… you guessed it, your beautiful new baby. I love all of the endless wrap and hat combinations and the darling ruffled bloomers, but the props should never distract too much.




Props can add color and fun, but my advice will always be this: wraps and hats are sweet, but baby is even sweeter. Include what feels right, and never feel pressured to add a bow when that’s just not your style! Your photos should be a reflection of YOUR family – however many props that means.

I hope this newborn prop guide gives you a good starting point to help you prepare for your upcoming newborn session!







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