The Optimists | Personal Branding Highlight

Meet Molly!

Molly has been in the travel biz for years, and it was finally time to rebrand and launch a brand new website for her company, The Optimists Travel. Molly’s new brand is the modern take on travel agencies, and she wanted her imagery to reflect all the fun and colorful aspects of travel while also showing that her and her team are your go-to experts who are full of knowledge.

For Personal Branding sessions, wardrobe and setting are key. This is your chance to bring in props that are unique to your brand or business, and to have fun with clothing as we capture fun, social-media-ready photos and classic headshots perfect for LinkedIn. For Molly, graphic tees showed off her bright and sunny personality (her company IS called Optimists Travel, after all!), and our office setup was full of personal, travel-themed touches, like destination posters and suitcases that have travelled the world.

This was one of my favorite shoots to date, because both me and the client could let our creativity flow! It was a bright and fun session, and I’m sure you’ll love it as much as I did!