Baby Plan for Baby Joe

Welcoming a new addition to the family is an unparalleled joy, and for this family, this joy comes in the form of sweet baby Joe. As the saying wisely goes, “babies don’t keep,” and the first year of any baby’s life promises to be a whirlwind of precious moments and significant milestones. Enter “The Baby Plan,” a tailored series of sessions meticulously crafted to chronicle Joe’s journey from a snuggly newborn to an independent one-year-old.

The Baby Plan Unveiled

The Baby Plan isn’t just any photography package. It’s a personalized series of sessions that aims to capture all the tenderness of Joe’s first year.
This plan ensures thorough documentation of every milestone of baby Joe through three key sessions – the newborn session, the six-month session, and the first birthday celebration.

Newborn Session

A little over one year ago, baby Joe arrived and we couldn’t have been any more excited for these first time parents! The session started with sleepy baby shots in mom and dad’s arms that everyone loves. Afterwards, we moved on to capture all things Joe!

The package includes 25 custom birth announcements from this initial session with the Baby Plan. This allows the family to share the news and images with loved ones.

Six-Month Session

Fast forward to Joe’s six-month session, where I got to witness the incredible transformation of this little bundle of joy. This session encapsulates the evolving character of baby Joe. His little smiles we’re too dang cute!

As an exclusive bonus to the baby plan, each session now includes a $200 print credit, offering the families the flexibility to create a tangible keepsake that reflects the baby’s journey. In the case of Joe’s family, they decided to start a family wall of custom frames in their living room. More on that to come!

First Birthday Celebration

Lastly, the grand finale of Joe’s Baby Plan is his first birthday celebration. This session is not just a photo opportunity. It’s a commemoration of a milestone that deserves to be celebrated in style. Family remains at the forefront of these sessions. As a matter of fact, Mom and Dad are not just spectators but active participants in Joe’s visual chronicle.

As an added bonus to the First year session, there is an option to include some balloons and a smash cupcake to the end of the session. Needless to say, Joe was all for it!

The End Result

This past year culminated in the creation of a beautiful family wall of frames that the family can cherish for years. The design of this family wall not only incorporates Joe’s baby photos but also features a wedding photo and pictures of their first two children—their dogs. The four central images in the layout were hung right after the newborn session. Subsequently, we held off completing the gallery until the one-year session, which included two photos from his six-month session and two from the one-year session. The final outcome is displayed below:

A Year of Growth and Love

In conclusion, the Baby Plan is more than just a photography package. It’s a journey through the first twelve months of your baby’s life. Every session is a testament to the incredible growth and love that defines the early years of parenthood.

The Baby Plan ensures that none of these precious moments are lost to the passage of time. It’s not just about capturing photographs. It’s about freezing memories, celebrating milestones, and creating a tangible legacy that your family will cherish for generations to come. The Baby Plan is not just a series of photo sessions. It’s a heartfelt journey through the magic and wonder of your baby’s first year.


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