Client Highlight: Newborn and One Year Photography with the Banks Family

Celebrating Milestones with the Banks Family

The Banks family recently reached out to schedule their little girl’s one year photography session, approximately 11 and a half months after their Newborn Photography session. They wanted to continue the look and feel from their newborn session, so they chose colors that complemented their previous photos. This was a great idea, as it tied the two sessions together and gave them a cohesive look.

During the session, we captured the little girl’s milestones, as she had grown and developed so much in just one year. We incorporated some fun props and captured some playful moments, which really showcased her personality. We also captured some more individual portraits, which will be perfect for the family’s wall collection.

Family holding hands with little girl walking

One Year Prior: Capturing Precious Moments with a Newborn Photography Session

Flash back to exactly one year prior… The Banks family had just welcomed their baby girl, and they wanted to capture these precious moments with a newborn photography session. As a family and newborn photographer, I am always honored to be chosen to document this special time in their lives.

During the session, we focused on capturing the love and connection between them. The parents were so smitten with their little one, and it was heartwarming to see how much they adored her. We captured a mix of individual and family portraits, with the baby girl as the center of attention. We also included some candid shots, which really captured the family’s joy and happiness.

The Final Product

At Meghan Doll Photography we like to begin with the end in mind and when it comes to newborn photography, that means coming up with a plan for creating beautiful artwork in your home that covers the entire first year.

For this family, they purchased a collection of 3 canvases from their newborn session which they were able to enjoy for the entire first year. Then, at the one year session, they purchased an additional 2 canvases to round out the collection. Because we kept these future plans in mind, they were able to coordinate their wardrobe to ensure that the entire set of images worked together for the final group.

As time goes on, the plan will be to continuously update the canvases on this living room wall, and move the canvases to a family wall they are planning on starting in the upstairs hallway.

I always remind my clients that your baby is going to keep growing and getting cuter and cuter. There may be additions to the family coming soon as well! By keeping all of this in mind, we are able to co-create a beautiful, well though out, gallery of images for you to enjoy in your home for the rest of your life.

Newborn Session canvas Collection
Additional canvases from the One Year session to complete the Collection


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