What to Expect At Your Maternity Session

First thing’s first, congratulations on the newest addition to your growing family! Now that your due date is set, it’s time to start thinking about your maternity portraits. Maybe you’re wondering what to expect at your maternity session or unsure of what you need to do in order to prepare. Well, allow me to answer alllll the questions and put your mind at ease!

Below you’ll find everything you need to know to prepare for your session here at Meghan Doll Photography.

Studio maternity photography by Meghan Doll Photography, a Minneapolis Maternity Photographer.

Focus On the Experience

Maternity portraits are SO special. This incredible season of life flashes by in an instant. Capturing this precious time while it’s still here is something you’ll never regret. There is nothing more beautiful (or incredible) than the changes a womans body goes through during pregnancy!

Relax and enjoy the moment. We’ll capture it in the most beautiful way!

The Session Will Center Around You (the Mama-to-Be)

The maternity session is about you and your sweet miracle waiting to come into the world. We will be centering this experience around you. But, of course, we will capture some portraits of dad and big brother or big sister, too!

In-studio maternity pictures with natural light by Meghan Doll Photography, a Minneapolis Maternity Photographer.

When Should You Book Your Maternity Session?

You want to book your maternity session around 33 to 38 weeks of your pregnancy. At this stage of pregnancy, you will still feel comfortable enough for posing but will be far enough along to showcase that beautiful baby bump!

What to Wear to Your Maternity Session

If you are struggling to decide what to wear to your maternity session, we offer a small collection of maternity gowns that you are more than welcome to use! Otherwise, we recommend that you select a maternity gown that will show off your beautiful baby bump. Whether fitted or flowy dress, all that matters is that you feel amazing when you put it on.

Bring a casual outfit as well! Something more relaxed like a t-shirt, sweats, or lingerie. Having a casual and dressy look for your maternity session will give you greater variety in your portraits. Whatever you choose to wear, the most important thing is that it feels like you. I want you to feel comfortable, confident and beautiful during your session with me.

What About Hair and Makeup?

Hair and makeup are not provided for your session, But they are highly recommended. You deserve to feel your absolute best for your portraits. You are worth the investment, mama! Pamper yourself and enjoy this moment. Hair & Make-Up can be added on to any maternity session for an addition $175.

Furry Family Members Are Welcome!

Pets are welcome to join your maternity session! They are a part of the family too and will no doubt be a protector and friend to your sweet little babe. Bring them along if you’d like!

Family of four pose in studio for their maternity pictures. Learn what to expect at your maternity session with Meghan Doll Photography, a Minneapolis maternity photographer.

Knowing what to expect during your maternity session can take a lot of the pressure off of planning for your portraits. It’s my hope that with this little bit of advice, you feel more confident going into your session the day of.

Maternity portraits are an incredible opportunity to celebrate this season of your family’s life. They are also meant to be fun! Focus on enjoying this precious time before your little one’s arrival and your maternity session will feel like a dream!

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