Personal Branding Spotlight: Camille Bourgerie

Camille Bourgerie is an artist and surface pattern designer based in Denver, Colorado. With the launch of a new collection, she realized the need for some distinguished personal branding photos to help portray her work.

Through careful planning and strategic preparation, we created a beautiful collection of images that speak to the beauty of her work and need of her goals.

These powerful branding images have helped her establish herself in a crowded market place, landing her collaborations with companies such as Anthropologie. Bravo, Camille!

Deciding what props to bring to a branding shoot completely depends on what you makes you unique. As an artist, Camille brought her favorite paintbrushes and an entire suitcase full of her artwork.

Props to consider for your Personal Branding Photography Shoot

When preparing for a personal branding photography shoot, it’s important to consider the props that can help convey your personal brand and make the images more engaging and visually interesting. Here are some ideas for props you could consider bringing:

  1. Clothing that represents your personal style and brand
  2. Accessories that highlight your unique personality or profession (e.g., jewelry, hats, bags, etc.)
  3. Your work tools or equipment to showcase your profession (e.g., a laptop, camera, art supplies, etc.)
  4. Books or magazines related to your field of work or interests
  5. Personal items that represent your hobbies, passions or interests (e.g., a musical instrument, sports equipment, travel souvenirs, etc.)
  6. Props related to your brand’s colors or logo
  7. Items related to your brand’s message or values (e.g., a charity or non-profit organization that you support)
  8. Background elements that complement your brand and add visual interest (e.g., plants, artwork, furniture, etc.)

Ultimately, the props you choose should be aligned with your personal brand and convey the message you want to share with your audience.

Traveling with the artwork was well worth the trouble. We were able to capture her artistic process in the most authentic way.
A large part of Camilles inspiration comes from flowers. As an avid gardener, we knew we needed to incorporate florals into her shoot.
The Creative Process in Action
Adding in details of the process of pattern making adds an air of authenticity to the imagery created.


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