Professional Headshots: When to Update

Headshots are an important part of your personal branding and professional image. It’s important to keep your headshots up to date to ensure that you are presenting your current self to your audience. Here are some situations when you might want to update your headshots:

Three professional headshot examples photographed by Meghan Doll.

Your Current Professional Headshots Are Over Two Years Old

A lot can change in two or more years. If it’s been a few years since you’ve had your headshots taken, it’s time for an update


Your Hairstyle Has Changed

If you’ve updated your hairstyle or hair color since your last headshots, it’s time to capture your new look! You want to be easily recognizable to clients and customers. When you go for a new look, always remember to update your headshots accordingly.


You’ve Had A Significant Weight Change

If your weight has fluctuated noticeably, whether you’ve lost or gained, it’s time to update your headshots. Your headshots should always encompass who you are now, in this moment. No matter where your weight sits, you want your headshots to reflect the beautiful season of life you’re in! Headshots are always a good confidence boost and having a refresh may be just what you need.


A doctor's headshots and two businessmen headshot.


You’re Looking For A New Job

If you’ve been in the same position for a number of years but are finally pulling the trigger to move in a new direction, it’s time to update your headshots. You want your headshots to be refreshed, up to date and in line with the new direction you’re moving in. 


You’ve Started A New Position

Found yourself in a new role? Celebrate with updated headshots that reflect your new position. Whether you’re working for a new company or starting your own, you want updated headshots to be associated with your new position. 


In summary…

We undergo so many changes in life. Having headshots that are up to date will make you feel professional, put together and confident in whatever season of life or business you are in. I hope these signs were helpful in determining if now is the time to update your headshots!