Everything You Need to Know About The Baby Plan

What is the Baby Plan?

The Baby Plan is a series of sessions to document your little babe’s milestones throughout their entire first year of life. This includes a newborn session, a six-month session and finally, a session to celebrate their first birthday! But that’s not all. It also includes 25 custom birth announcements from the first session and a $200 album credit from each session to use towards whatever you choose.

Your baby will change so much within the first twelve months of their life. The Baby Plan was created to capture all of the sweetness of this formative year. You’ll watch your little one grow from a snuggly newborn, to a curious six-month-old and into an independent one year old! Mom and Dad are always included in these sessions so you can watch your family grow together.

Mom & Dad's hands holding newborn baby.

The Newborn Session

The first session in this series is your little one’s newborn session. This stage is extra special! Those first few weeks of life with your baby in the world fly by faster than you realize. During your session, we’ll capture all of the tiny details so you can remember them just as they were.

If you want to know more about what you can expect at your newborn session, I’ve dedicated an entire blog post to help you prepare that you can find here.

Three photos from a newborn session

The Six-Month Session

The next session in the Baby Plan is your little one’s six-month portraits. In just six short months, your baby will begin budding into their personality. They are far more alert, curious and playful at this stage! Most babies can sit up with support, smile and laugh at their mom and dad and let their unique character beam through the camera.

To learn more about prepping for your baby’s six-month session, you can learn more here.

photos of a six month old session

The One Year Session

The final session in your little one’s Baby Plan is their one-year session. This session is a bittersweet celebration of their first year of life. That snuggly little newborn is now a walking, crawling and babbling tiny human!

During this session we’ll capture you and your little one together as a family and individually so we can compare their growth throughout the past twelve months. There is also the option of adding a birthday set to commemorate the milestone!

baby's first year cake smash

What to wear for your Baby Plan Sessions

One special perk of documenting your baby’s first year of life in Minnesota, is watching them grow through the seasons. Lean into the natural state of change throughout the year with your family’s wardrobe. Consider styling you and your little one in thick, cozy textures like flannel and knits during the fall and winter months.

Wear light and breezy fabrics in the spring and summer. Style your family in bright colors or soft pastels to reflect the season. By dressing for the season, it will emphasize the change that happened over your baby’s first year of life. The change they see from newborn to one year is as drastic as the change from summer to winter or spring to fall.

Can you guess what season this little baby photos were taken in?

Another thing to keep in mind when planning wardrobe for your baby’s first year sessions is to consider how all of the images will work together in the end. Often times, clients will put together a framed wall grouping consisting of one image from each of the baby’s sessions. Choosing a similar wardrobe pallet for each of the sessions will make these three images work together flawlessly.

Baby’s First Year Album

Remember all of those print credits that you got from each of your sessions? Now is the time to put them to use! The Baby’s First Year album is an heirloom album that will hold all of your favorite images from your little ones first year. There are a number of sizes, colors, and cover options to choose from so you can make sure your little ones story is as custom as they are.

Each album is thoughtfully designed to tell the best story of your little ones first year of life in a way that can be handed down through the generations. You may think you don’t need one now, but trust me…it 20 years, you’ll be so glad you did it!

Scheduling Your Baby Plan

Your little one’s first year of life will feel like the fastest of them all. More growth happens within that first year than any other year of their life. The Baby Plan allows you to savor each special milestone, so you’ll never forget a thing!

Are you ready to book your little one’s Baby Plan? Contact me here so we can get started!

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